David & Brittney Cannamore
Hanson Island, British Columbia

Bio: We came up with the dream in a bar overlooking Auke Bay in Juneau, Alaska. On my fourth IPA and her third glass of wine. We should find a way to get paid to live. Not in a condo or a house, a mansion or a castle, but on a rock. In a house made of wood and little else. Preferably alone, and definitely in the middle of nowhere. Where heat comes from the fire, the water from a spring, and the bathroom.... well we'd figure out how that worked later. Three months later we got our first care taking offer. Paul Spong and Helena Symonds agreed to let us watch their slice of heaven on Hanson Island off northeast Vancouver Island. This blog is our way of chronicling our journey there, and once we arrive, our link back to the rest of the world. Appeasing our parents, and hopefully, entertaining you along the way. Enjoy.

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